Bitesized: Fed up

Imagine a boxing ring. In one corner, you have a documentary; a documentary that features several talking heads called Doctor Somebody-or-Other, which promises to give you facts all about our food system; a documentary you enjoyed and understood and believed. Then, in the other corner, you have articles, these written by Doctor Somebody-Else, that rubbish the facts given in the documentary; that say the documentary is not to be believed.

What do you do when you have two groups of scientists who tell you two different things? When all you have to judge them on is a hazy memory of GCSE science from half a lifetime ago?

I sat down to ponder this problem at length, but it soon made my head hurt. There is an insightful post waiting in to be written about this confusing conundrum, but only when I manage to unpick the tangled spaghetti-like mess of conflicting ‘facts’ rattling around in my brain. In the meantime, here’s a picture of two scientists fighting instead.

Science attacks