Bitesized: National Cream Tea Day

We interrupt your normal programming to bring you this breaking news. Yesterday was National Cream Tea Day. And I missed it.

Cream tea

Me (this morning): Quick, can you Google something for me on your magic phone? Somebody mentioned something about National Cream Tea Day.

Mrs RB: Oh yeah, that was yesterday. It’s been and scone.

Dear God woman, this is no time for jokes. We’ve missed it?

Yep, sorry. I was only tea-sing.

Stop it.

I felt that it was important that I share this news with you in case you – like us – missed it the fact that it was National Cream Tea Day yesterday. I’m not sure about the exact rules, but I fully intend to enter into the spirit of the day, albeit belatedly; the sun is shining, so I’m off in search of a cream tea. Wish me luck.


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