Bitesized: Tea Q9

Although my recent ramblings may have led you to the conclusion that I am swearing off of anything that resembles a processed product, you would not be quite correct; as we saw last time, my new philosophy is to look for small labels. Beer is clearly processed – it is not naturally-occurring – however it has but a few simple ingredients. When buying from your responsible, local brewery then you can be reassured that there’s nothing weird going into your beer: just water, malt, hops and earl grey tea. Hmm, okay that last one is a bit odd.

Those good folks at our local brewery (the New Lion Brewery in Totnes) have not gone completely mad. Instead, this is a summer beer created with an extra twist and, although not an obvious combination, it works well. Matt, the head brewer, explains a bit more in this video from their You Tube channel:

Mrs RB and I sat down on a recent Friday evening with a full growler of Tea Q9. The sun was shining, we were sitting in the garden in shorts and it was no hard task to work our way through several glasses (half pint glasses, of course, we haven’t forgotten our brush with overdoing it). You really can taste the earl grey in the mix. It is not as though you feel that you’re drinking a cuppa – I had no compulsion to dip a digestive in it – but you do get a good sense of “tea” when drinking it. With summer in full swing (it is raining as I type thee words, but I am ever the optimist), this is likely to feature in several more sunny memories of 2015.

And, if you live in the Torbay area, the name makes a lot more sense.