Do it yourself

Welcome back to the Running Buffet blog.

Or, more accurately, welcome back the Running Buffet blog, which has been off on its holidays for the past month.

Although the blog has been idle, I have not. And today I would like to make a case today for the physical benefits of decorating. Need to get fit? Just do it yourself.

Take for example, a small box of a room (please don’t take it, we’ve only just painted it). First, the wallpaper comes off. Then again, perhaps it doesn’t. Scrape, scrape, scrape, steam, swear, scrape, scrape ad infinitum. Once the wallpaper is off, the walls need to be washed, sanded, filled, sanded again and cleaned. Then the paint goes on. On the ceiling, on the walls, on the floor (sorry) and definitely on the poor painter. That was the primer; now you need the first coat. And the second. And the third.

After all of that, your arms are going to be sore, your shoulders aching and your legs heavy. But this was only one small box of a room.

Add to this a spot of demolition (it’s not decorating if you don’t have to destroy something with a crowbar), and some gentle sawing, and you will definitely have earned that extra biscuit with your cup of tea.

I mention this because I went for a run last week, on Wednesday, and I felt pretty tired. I had not been running since the previous week and all I had done in the intervening four days was decorating: Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday up ladders and on my knees. I didn’t feel as though I should be tired, but tired I was.

I have decided to look at the positive side of this. Okay, I may not have been running for a few days, but I had still been keeping active. Surely tired is a good thing? Surely if you can’t go out for a run, then a spot of decorating is just the thing to keep you fit? Or do you feel that I am over-reaching myself a little here? I cannot quite argue that it was working my heart and lungs too hard.

Perhaps I won’t give up the running after all. But it is gratifying to know that a job that needed to be done has been, and that I wasn’t being completely idle in the process. The room is now nearly finished, and I have managed to grab a few moments back in front of a keyboard, so Running Buffet has returned to the world of blogging. Coming up on the blog we will be looking at more running exploits, more beer and more explorations into the complicated world of food. Thank you for your patience – it’s good to be back.

And my final thought for today, if you’re ever thinking of wallpapering your house, please don’t. Just think of the poor people who have to scrape it all off again in the future. We thank you for not wallpapering.