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You will have noticed (you may not have done) that Running Buffet recently took a mini-holiday. A short hiatus. Ostensibly, this was because I needed to concentrate on being defiantly average at DIY for a few weeks, not to mention some work-related shenanigans. No, I mean it. I’m not mentioning them.

But there was another reason why I needed to spend a few weeks not writing random running thoughts or musings on beer (more of that coming soon). I needed to free-up some of my keyboard time to write something different. They say that there is a book inside everyone, and they don’t just mean those poor people who suffer from xylophagia (yes, I had to Google it). Whether there truly is a book in there somewhere or not, I have longer harboured the fear that there might be at least a short story or two hidden inside me. Why fear? Because I worried that I might get overly dramatic and wreck the whole thing with wildly ponderous metaphors and terrible over-writing. That I might not be able to get the stories out of me without ruining them, when what I need to do is to let them have wings and to fly; to soar majestically into the copper-streaked sky where they could dance balletically amongst the cotton wool clouds. See what I mean? Horribly over-written.

You don’t know unless you try, though. So I cleared a bit of time and sat down to start the excavations. Slowly, and with much staring into space, drumming of fingers and stroking of beards (beard? beards? – there was only one, but I stroked it repeatedly; see, this writing malarkey is hard), I managed to chip away until I could see the outline of the stories. And then I realised that I had wasted most of the available time and the deadline was fast approaching, so I hacked away at them until they looked vaguely story-shaped and sent them off into the world.

The outcome? Well, that is for the readers to decide. But I can announce – with a tiny drum-roll – that one of the short stories I penned has been picked to be performed in a pub in London this coming Tuesday. And as we know, all the best things happen in pubs.

Hence the reason for this break from normal Running Buffet output. This is a shameless plug advertising an evening out this coming Tuesday (the 10th November) to anyone able to get themselves to Cavendish Square in London. If you can, then for the low, low price of £5 you will be treated to a selection of short stories all inspired by the 150th anniversary of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, all performed by the Liars’ League.

For those on facebook (which is everyone in the world apart from me) then please feel free to have a look at/distribute to all your friends the facebook event details.

And if you would like to find out more about my secret alter ego, then head over to recycledwords.co.uk where you can meet the incredibly-similar-so-not-really-a-great-secret-identity that I have created.

Recycled Words

That’s it. The shameless plugging is over. Normal service will resume on Running Buffet shortly…


3 thoughts on “We interrupt your normal programming…

  1. That’s marvellous, well done! Clearly you need to do it more often. Is there a novel lurking or do you prefer the short stories? I’m writing a book too (although it’s fact not fiction) and realise how hard it can be to just sit and write sometimes.

    • Thank you. No novel (not enough hours in the day), but writing shorter stories is helping me improve (hopefully) and, crucially, helps me spot where I am going wrong! Perhaps there will be something longer one day.

      Good luck with your book.

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