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I was thinking the other day – it does happen sometimes, promise – and it occurred to me that I rarely talk about the food I am eating. I mean, recently, I have been talking about food that I should be eating, but I haven’t really said much about what Mrs Running Buffet and I are cooking for ourselves.

Hooray, I hear you cry. Posting pictures of your dinner on the internet is a sure-fire way of (a) declaring yourself to be a born-again foodie and (b) sending most sensible people running for the hills. I like to think of my readers as sensible people, so this means that you are probably packing your bags right now and preparing to flee to the foothills. But wait. Come back. Let’s treat this topic in a sensible, all-inclusive way. I don’t want to send you off to the slopes. Sit down and listen.

So, Mrs Running Buffet received a free vegetarian recipe pamphlet with a yoga DVD and… Hello? Where are you going?

Okay, yes, I admit it: this recipe comes courtesy of the ridiculously bendy Roxy Somebody-or-Other. But there are two reasons to persevere in the face of the many, many reasons for heading for the high ground. Firstly, it tastes really good and, secondly, the pamphlet opens with a picture of the author doing this:

Now tell me that you’ve ever seen Rick Stein doing that in one of his cookbooks. Thought not.

The recipe is a sweet potato and coconut curry, so you need some of these:

Sweet potatoes

(Those are sweet potatoes, not coconuts. Just sayin’.)

Now, it is probably not fair to reveal the entire recipe online (I think that’s called plagiarism), so I won’t. But I can tell you (I hope) that this is a dish of sweet potatoes, coconut milk, onion, chilli, garlic, curry powder and – this is the bit that surprised me – a couple of carrots and a handful of peas.

Sweet potato curry 1

Sweet potato curry 2

Mixing the lot together, you then add in the coconut milk and it simmers down to a thick curry. I will admit that this dish is not that much of a looker, but it does taste very nice. The sweet potatoes partly mix down into the sauce, thickening it and making it creamier, and partly they remain in chunks to give you that much-needed something to chew on. Tasty.

Sweet potato curry 3

But a good-looking dinner? No.

Is it a good yoga DVD? No idea. I will ask Mrs RB and get back to you. But it is a very nice curry and one that has gone into the Running Buffet “will cook it again” pile. Next up, do we opt for her plum stir fry or the potato and dil salad? Or the Swedish mushroom soup? Or the… where are you going?

Come back, I’m sorry! I’ll go back to talking about beer!


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