Can you believe it?

Here I am, holding a can of beer.

High Wire Grapefruit

It’s like I’m 16 again. (Sorry mum, I mean 18. Er, 20? 33?). To my mind, cans have long been associated with a less sophisticated form of drinking beer. The kind where you neck any old beer as quickly as you can before dancing around like an idiot and then falling over in a field. (Honestly mum, this never happened).

So what is going on here then?

It turns out that there are many good reasons for buying beer in cans, but my favourite one? That would be Magic Rock’s High Wire Grapefruit. This beer is amazing. Seriously good. In a “we’re going right back to the shop to get some more” kind of way. And yes, it would taste just as good poured from a bottle as it does poured from a can, but their bottles rarely make it down to these parts – it’s a long way from Huddersfield to Devon. But their cans have made it. Which means that we can buy them. Which is a big thumbs up for the cans, if you ask me.

Beer cans

Not convinced? Need a few more reasons? How about Cannonball and Salty Kiss? These are not quite on a par with the High Wire Grapefruit but they are incredibly tasty. I have to hold my hands up and say that I don’t know much about gose as a beer style, but I can say that the Salty Kiss –  a gooseberry gose – is a fine beer to try. It is a sour beer, but it deals with it with style. It’s Jack Dee in his prime.

If you need a primer on gose then you should try this article written by Totnes’ Beer Library, if for no other reason than they have also adopted an approach to writing about beer that is very much in-tune with my recent Guess Brew witterings. Well done them.

It is also The Beer Library that we have to thank for the cans. Admittedly, we have already thanked them through the medium of paying them for the beer when we bought it in their shop. But, we should say well done for tracking down these brilliant beers and having them available in sleepy old Devon. We will be back to buy more. You have been warned.

And before I leave you for today, I ought to record my own entry in the small-but-growing list of Guess Brew beer reviews. What would High Wire Grapefruit be like if you met it in the pub? He would be your new best friend, that’s for sure. But not just your best friend; he is everybody’s new best friend. You don’t mind either; he is exactly the kind of guy that will be friends with everyone. Bold, vibrant (but not in a Hawaiian shirt kind of way) and good conversation, this guy can work an entire room and still leave everyone feeling as though they had a deep and meaningful conversation with him. He’ll wrap an arm round you and remind you that it will all work out for the best and – you know what? – you believe him. When he’s around then he is clearly the centre of attention, but only because you put him there. He hasn’t claimed it for himself; it’s just where he naturally belongs.

Still not convinced to try a can? You will find lots more information about the plus points of cans over at The Beer Library’s tumblr site; not least, that they are friendlier to the environment. So go find your can-do attitude (sorry) and get yourself some of these fine beers.


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