Food run

Due solely to the current position of the planet Earth in its orbit around the sun, people will once again be crying off alcohol, signing up for the gym, decrying the over-consumption of food and drink and making short-lived and overly-optimistic promises for the year ahead. And doing all of that with a massive hangover as well.


Running Buffet is no exception. My thoughts turn, as so many others’ will be, to food and exercise: cutting down on one and doing more of the other. But, then, I’m not sure I can do less exercise, and eating more is possibly not a good idea, so maybe we’ll just knock the whole thing on the head.

But while we’re on the subject, why not combine the two? That’s right – and well done to those of you with a long memory – it is the return of the Delicious Dart: “a food fest on the run”.

Mrs RB and I ran it for the first time last year and we enjoyed it so much that we will be doing it all again this year. Plus a bit, as we’ve opted for the longer distance this time – eek! On the 5th of March we shall be lining up in silly outfits, ready to run and eat our way across 15 miles of Devon countryside.

And it’s for charity as well, with money raised going to CHICKS, providing respite breaks for disadvantaged children. Just be careful: there’s a horrible picture of two reprehensible characters gracing the fundraising pages. Sorry ’bout that…



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