Were you expecting someone else?

The lights are low. You wander through the front room, through the dining room, ahead is the kitchen. This house party is in full swing. You push open the door and freeze.

There’s someone in the kitchen.

“Come in, come in.” A low, purring voice.

You step inside and slide the door shut behind you. You’re intrigued. You reach for the light switch and…

Well, that is not who you were expecting at all.

WestwoodToday’s beer is a stout. It’s Ilkley Brewery’s Westwood Stout, to be exact. It is a stout with chocolate flavours, so that’s not that unusual. Except… This is a white chocolate stout. And that’s a little bit unusual don’t you think?

What do stouts look like? They are dark and impenetrable. Which is exactly what this isn’t. This is a pale, amber colour. If you were handed this in a glass you would expect a pale ale, an IPA, a golden ale. The one thing you wouldn’t expect is a stout.

This beer is George Ezra.

Seriously, put Budapest on and drink this beer. Then try to work out how the beer you are drinking tastes the way it does when it looks as it does. And, at the same time, try to work out how George Ezra sounds the way he does. He shouldn’t look like that, while sounding like that. It’s all just too confusing, but it works excitingly and magically all the same.

Who is this beer? He is everything you weren’t expecting, but he also delivers everything you need. Like an unbelievably awesome postman.

Maybe that’s who was in the kitchen.