Adding a second pancake

With a recent post about purchasing a fairer phone and another on the environmental impact of cans, it would seem that the next layer in my pancake stack of righteousness is identifying itself. (And if you don’t know what I’m on about vis-a-vis pancakes, hop over to youtube to watch a short cartoon that explains it all…)

Clearly, in my attempt to work out what the Right Things are to eat and drink, the next thing to think about is the impact on the environment.

To be honest, it’s going to be a walk in the park compared with digging into animal welfare issues. Trust me. And a walk in the park is not a bad place to start.

Pancake layer 1

Last weekend, Mrs Running Buffet and I wandered our way through some local parkland. At a place called Parke, as it happens, although we do also enjoy recreational activities at places not named quite so appropriately. It was a lovely little walk: a hint of sunshine, a drift of mist across the low-lying fields, the crunch of ice on the puddles. Parke is a product of the environment we live in. The trees, the plants, the animals in the park and the birds in the sky above it, these are all there because of the environment of the area: the climate, the geology, the human history. And that environment is changing.

I’m going to say something that shouldn’t be controversial, but possibly is: the climate is changing and we are responsible.

Why might this be controversial? Well, the ONS reports that only 66% of the population of the UK are concerned about climate change. That’s 66% who are “either very or fairly concerned about current climate change”. In my book, “fairly” concerned doesn’t sound that concerned. Having said that, 81% of us think climate change is “partly, mainly or entirely caused by human activity”, so that’s something.

I have been reading around this subject for a few months now, in the genuine belief that it is something that I ought to be better informed about, and it will come as no surprise to anyone – it certainly wasn’t to me – that the causes and solutions to the issue of climate change are much discussed, debated and disagreed upon. Certainly, it is a multifaceted issue and not one that can be adequately addressed in one short blog post. But it seems to be pretty undeniable that the food and drink industries contribute at least one arm to this many-tentacled issue and, therefore, so do we. Every time we have something to eat or something to drink, we are contributing.

Now, I grant you, almost everything we do contributes in some way to something or other. However lightly we tread, we leave footprints wherever we walk. The question is, therefore, more about minimising our impact. What is the Right Thing to do, if I want to step lightly upon this planet?

And that, my friends, is the next pancake on the pile. I’m off to the kitchen…