So that was mildly terrifying

Running has taken a bit of a back seat in January. Not to anything important, I should stress, but a back seat nonetheless. Things needed to change. On Monday, I found a break in my day, struggled into my running kit and headed out of the office.

Windy run 1

A satellite found me eventually and I set off, blown by the breeze.

Windy run 2

Running in the wind is fun!

Windy run 3

Running in the wind is not fun!

I decided I would be better off away from the trees. Considering the wind and all that. Unfortunately…

Windy run 4

This bridge in the wind was worse than Khazad-dum*.

Windy run 5

*Okay, so maybe it wasn’t.

Then I turned a corner and headed back into the wind. Slowly.

Windy run 6

As I neared the office, I debated whether to add on an extra loop. I had some making-up to do for all of those missed runs in January so I thought, why not?

As it turns out, this was a good decision.

Windy run 7

Traffic chaos I can cope with; I’m not so keen on getting squished by gigantic trees though. That extra loop meant I avoided that stretch of road at just the right time. Gulp!

So the lesson I have learnt is this: running in really strong wind should only be done well away from trees. To this end, I’m off to check the forecast; I’m due to do a night run this weekend at Haldon Forest Park and something tells me there might just be a tree or two (thousand) to contend with.


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