Sea anything you like?

Let’s be honest, if you’re writing a blog post about a fancy dress run, then words will only get you so far. It’s the images that count. In honour of this weekend’s Delicious Dart “food festival on the run”, here is a quick run through 15 miles’ worth of photos…

Fish at the start line

By the way, we were all looking this silly to support CHICKS. Please have a look at their website for more information about the wonderful work they do, and a big thank you to everyone who sponsored us. Your donations made those fish heads just a little bit lighter!

To start with, we caught the bus from Dartmouth to Totnes. Last year there were loads of runners on the bus, all dressed up in ridiculous costumes. This year… just us. It’s a 45 minute bus journey. Sorry Devon.

Fish on a bus

There were loads of amazing costumes at the start line, all based around the Under the Sea theme. We loved the guys dressed as the Titanic, and the Yellow Submarine was inspired.

Yellow submarine

Off we went, heading through Totnes to our first food stop. The Waterside Bistro had laid on croissants; it was just a shame we hadn’t fully thought through the whole eating thing.

Fish eating

At least we were well-prepared for the drinks. We came stocked with straws (in on-theme blue, no less). Thanks Mum!

Drinking like a fish

Drinking like a fish

Off again, out of Totnes and into the countryside. I apologise to anyone out walking your dog by the river on a Saturday morning; you must have wondered what you’d been drinking with your breakfast. We did look quite bizarre.

Country fish

The views during the run were fantastic. Such as this look back along the river to Totnes from the fantastic Sharpham wine and cheese stop.

Sharpham view

While we did see far more sunshine than we were expecting, the legacy of the last few weeks was in evidence beneath our feet. It was muddy out there.

Magic mud

In contrast to the gloopy underfoot conditions, the sunshine was a welcome companion.

Fish Fingles

Fish Fingles

My favourite part of this run is the bit on the boat. Partly because you get to sit down for a few minutes, but mainly because boats are great. Look how happy this fish looks to be back on the water.

Fish on a boat

We went up some more hills and found a lot more of this…

Mud fish

And then we were on the last leg into Kingswear, where we got to run alongside the railway line. Which is very exciting.

Fish railway

One more ferry ride and we were in Dartmouth for the final few pit stops and a short dash to the finish line.

Dartmouth fish

Another great event; this is our second year and I doubt it will be our last. It raises money for a great cause, it showcases brilliant Devon food and drink, it snakes across stunning countryside, and it is such a lot of fun.

Plus, this year, our costume creating led us to find out a lot more about the angler fish, courtesy of this amazing video. Watch and laugh…

If I had to guess, then I would say that your final question would be – as it was for many people out on the course – “But they don’t actually light up, do they?” Well, in fact, yes they do…

Fish lights


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