Another plug

How do I come up with those titles? Evidently I am a wonder with words.

You may remember last year’s blatant plug for an exciting London-based event, where several stories were performed to an excited audience by the excellent Liars’ League. No? Well click on the link or, better still, stay around to the end of this post where I will share a recording of that very event for your viewing pleasure.

I know what you were thinking though. You were thinking: if only there could be a similar sort of story-based event thingy going on near me. Near me, where I live, in New York. Well your luck is in, because there is. It’s called Liars’ League NYC (see what they did there?) and they will be stepping in front of the camera, microphone, and live audience on Wednesday 6 April at New York’s KGB Bar.

You may also remember that Running Buffet has a not-so-secret secret identity: Recycled Words. I am very pleased to report that one of my Recycled Words’ stories will be performed at this event. Hence the ever-so-blatant plug for this upcoming event.

Mistakes and missteps

I have looked at the stats. Over the years, readers in the US have consistently been my second largest group geographically after the UK (with Brazil a regular third place – olá). So there is a small chance that some of you lovely American readers might be in New York. Or might know someone in New York. Or might know someone who knows someone who… well you get the idea.

If you (or anyone you know) would fancy a fantastic night out in the Big Apple, then why don’t you head over to the KGB Bar next Wednesday? There’s a handy facebook invite right here, in case you need more information (or would like to share with your friends).

And what can you expect? Here is the recording from the (London) Liars’ League performance from last year.

Normal Running Buffet service will be resumed shortly…