Bitesized: Vicarious running

All sorts of people inspire me in my running. Generally, reading about other people and their running exploits is a great way of getting myself excited about going for a run. Sometimes, however, there are people that inspire even greater admiration, and one of those people is Yvie Johnson from Fierce Mind {Running}.

Fierce Mind {Running} is a 42-day running challenge covering approximately 1680 miles — twice the distance of the length of Great Britain.

That’s Land’s End to John O’Groats and back again. In 42 days.

Yvie started running yesterday, making it all the way to Truro (37 miles). Today she ran to Callington (42 miles). For all you Devon-based readers out there, tomorrow (the 4th) the route takes her as far as Crediton, via Dartmoor; the day after, to Taunton. These are big distances.

Why is this route being run? As well as for personal reasons, this run “will be raising funds for Bipolar UK, Mind, SAMH, Young Minds and Place2Be during the process. This is fundamentally because peer support has been the greatest benefit for me and my family, whilst my doctors talk medicine, medicine does not cure anguish, only empathy, understanding, discussion, psychotherapy and self-belief can help with that. This is where Bipolar UK and other mental health charities come in. I feel connected to a tribe, and I am ready to fight for that tribe. Fight stigma. Fight government bias. Fight the secrecy. I am doing this challenge for all those who cannot fight for themselves. I will be running with a fierce mind.”

I stumbled across this challenge by way of twitter and updates are already beginning to appear on there (you can follow via @peppyplant).


I imagine she would welcome a wave if you see her on her route, but even if you don’t get to see her run by, experiencing this vicariously via twitter will be an inspiring experience. And if you miss her going one way, don’t forget she’s coming back again as well!

As this is for charity, I should mention that there are donation links on her website. And, to finish, a quick reminder of just what a huge challenge this is…

Yvie will be running 1680 miles from Land’s End to John O’Groats and back again. A feat that will see her become the first female to do so, setting a world record in the process.