Thursdays are Farmers Market Days in Exeter. Last week, looking for some lunch and wandering aimlessly around the centre of the city, I stumbled upon the striped awnings of the market. Pies, bread, some other stuff. It was all there.

Then I spotted the Almond Thief stand. This will be good, I thought.

The Almond Thief bakery is based in Dartington, not far from us. If you’re passing, you can pop in and pull up a chair for a quick coffee and a slice of something delicious, with bakers baking away in the background. Nothing makes your bread taste better than watching people hard at work while you’re eating.

Seeing their stand at the market, I made a beeline towards it. Not a moment too soon either; there wasn’t much left. I was walked through the options and I made my choice. “Good” does not do it justice.

What I had thought was a cheese scone turned out to be a choux bun, filled with gruyere and thyme. Honestly, this thing was amazing. Turn-around-and-walk-straight-back-to-buy-another-one-but-then-remember-that-you-bought-the-last-one-so-turn-round-again-and-keep-walking amazing. Light and tasty and delicious. Find one and buy one. Then eat it.

And then, to follow, a chocolate cookie so soft and silky on the inside yet so crunchy on the outside. Apparently they freeze them then bake them and that gives that crunchy-yet-gooey consistency. I was told that, if it wasn’t my favourite chocolate cookie ever, then I could come back this week and have a free one. Their free cookie was safe, don’t you worry.

Choux buns and chocolate cookies: I cannot recommend them too highly.