It’s oh so quiet

To misquote Jim Gordon, this is not the post that this blog deserves, but it is the post that it needs right now.

What is the worst thing you can do on a blog?

No, not that. I wasn’t thinking of that.

But, outside of that, the worst thing I think you can do is to fall silent. People have come to expect your pithy posts, your regular ramblings. And then… nothing. It is as if you have fallen from the face of the world.

So why has Running Buffet gone quiet? What worrying development has sucked all of the words from my mind and stopped me from putting fingers to keyboard?

Read on. All will be revealed…

Bee I

Things are changing for me: I am about to make the transition from having a job to, ah, not having one. But fear not, this is a positive development (unless you’re my bank manager, of course).

Having been in steady employment with the same company for the last eleven years, the time has finally come for the axe to fall. Redundancy beckons and, come Thursday 1 September, I shall no longer be “an employee”. So where does this leave me?

With plenty of opportunities, that’s where. As the bio on my twitter account reads, I am a man in my early 30’s. Okay, so 34 is not quite early 30’s any more and I really ought to update that bio, but the point remains that I am a long way from finished with my working life. This enforced change is coming at an interesting juncture in my life.

The obvious thing to do is to get another job. The slightly scared voice in one ear whispers that it really is the obvious option. Not easy necessarily, as competition is fierce and the opportunities are scarcer down here in the Westcountry, but it is definitely the path most easily walked. After all, I have been doing a job, and doing it well, and I have plenty to offer if I wanted to follow that same line of work.


But, I don’t know that I want to do that.

What if I were to ignore the slightly scared voice and listen to the one in the other ear? This one whispers tales of a different path. What if I was to take a chance, forge a new route, and run a few risks?

That’s the exciting option and who doesn’t want a little excitement in their work? Apart from brain surgeons, perhaps.

So I am putting myself out there and I am going to try the other path. I am expanding Recycled Words, my other website, into something bigger and better. Do you need some greetings cards? Then Recycled Words will be able to help. Something delightful to hang on your wall? Well, I have something for you there as well. Do you want something that has been crafted just for you? Get in touch and we can work out where I can help.

Flower prints

Will this be enough? the scared voice whispers. Probably not. I have done my research and the market exists, but it is saturated and I will be but one of many. But there are other thoughts percolating through this brain of mine. This is the start, not necessarily the final destination.

Lean on me

So this is where I have been. This is why Running Buffet has fallen quiet. My time has been filled with researching and learning, preparing and planning. And working, of course. After all, they haven’t actually made me redundant yet.

Recycled Words

Please come and say hello on Recycled Words. It is growing and expanding and will be the home of my witterings for the immediate future. Is this the end of Running Buffet? I hope not, but it is time for a pause while I concentrate my effort into this new direction.

And if you are in Devon then please also come and say hello to me, in person, this Saturday (the 13th of August) at the Ashburton Arts and Crafts fair. I will be displaying some of my work in St Lawrence Chapel alongside other talented, local artists. And entry is free! (But donations are welcomed).

Arts and crafts fair

Will this work? Can I make it a success? Is there actually enough money to be made from this? More importantly, is it possible to exist on only jacket potatoes and baked beans (asking for a friend)?

Who knows? Not I. But that is the scared voice talking and, right now, I’m not listening. I’m taking a chance and trying something new. Bring it on.

You can find Recycled Words online, on twitter, on instagram and, as soon as I’ve found the time to set it up, on facebook as well. I’d love to see you, so please come and say hello.


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