Getting back in the water


It has been a while. How are you? Have you had a great few months?

Let’s see, when did we speak last?

August, it was. Back in the summer of, if not ’69, then 2016. At that point I was just about to be made redundant. I was gearing up for the next exciting chapter. I was ready to become self employed and to launch my new business, as an online shop owner and freelance illustrator. So how has it been, and why am I now tapping my keyboard back here at the Running Buffet blog? What’s that all about then?

I keep a Journal over on my Recycled Words website – a sort of pseudo blog about my business and other things that I have been up to. Last week I posted an entry about the photo challenge that I am running throughout 2017. In short, I am taking a photo every day of something outside, something wild, and posting it on my instagram account. The reason? I need to make sure that I get up and get outside every day, lest I become that work-from-home guy who doesn’t see the light of day from one sunrise to the next.

That blog post led to another, where I delved a little deeper into the story behind just one of those daily photos. This one, in fact…

Ness Beach, Shaldon, beach, Devon coast

And that story turned out to be a tale of wild swimming, of clambering into a wetsuit and striding into the ocean. On the fourth day of February. Brr.

It occurred to me then that I was writing what would, on another day, have been a Running Buffet blog post. And it then struck me, like a wave to the face, that there is no need for it not to be a Running Buffet blog post as well. After all, is there not a reblogging feature right here on WordPress. (Isn’t there? I’m sure I saw it somewhere.)

So I am back.

Sort of. Time is still tight and I am up-to-my eyes in business stuff, trying to drum up business for my illustration career and promoting my shop to anyone who will listen. This means that I will not have time to be a fully-focussed blogger.

What I can do is to share some of my Recycled Words posts with you right here on Running Buffet and, every now and then, pen you a special, Running Buffet-only post as well. Sporadic I will be, but I hope that something is better than nothing when it comes to keeping this blog ticking over.

Sit tight and you will soon get to enjoy my recent Recycled Words blog post, all about our recent adventures in wild swimming. It will be reposted shortly…