The Bridge: the story behind a Dartmoor view

Here’s a new blog post fresh from my Recycled Words site.

Last time in the Journal, I spent a few moments talking about the story behind one of my photographs – one of the daily photos I’m taking as part of my Something Wild challenge on instagram. And that got me thinking, there are stories to be told about all sorts of pictures, not least the Dartmoor artwork I produce. So settle down, grab a glass of something, and join me as we discover a little more about The Bridge.

You may have heard of Widecombe in the Moor, holder of an annual fair and the cause of an ill-fated journey for one particular grey mare. If you take the moorland road out of Widecombe, heading further west and up on to the open moorland, you are soon presented with a choice of roads. I say “roads” – because they are – but we are not talking about two-lane highways here; these are Dartmoor roads, with twists and turns and, if you travel far enough, ghostly hands ready to rip your steering wheel from your grasp, to send you hurtling from the road. That last selling point is not part of the official Visit Dartmoor promotional pack, by the way.

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