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All of the posts relating to this topic are filed under the category of The Right Thing. As you will have seen, I have also begun to collate them by topic, for easier navigation. Before you go too far, you may want to have a look at this short video I made whilst in a complete quandary about how best to begin this complicated search for answers, or possibly even for the questions. It explains why a confused-looking cartoon appears in several of the above posts next to a pile of pancakes.

As the number of posts grows, I was hoping to be able to work my way through the layers of the Pancake Plan (you should really have watched that video). However, Running Buffet went on a hiatus before I could complete these investigations so, for now at least, these are the ones that you need to know about…


Have a look at the layer one infographic


If you’re wondering what the Right Thing is all about, then read on…

This blog started with a simple tagline: “one man’s quest to exercise enough so that he can eat all of the good things that exist in the world”.

When I wrote that, I had a reasonably clear idea about what I meant by “all of the good things”: they were the things that I liked to eat. They came from a wide range of places and were made up of a wide range of ingredients. And that list has not really changed that much; because of this blog I have tried new things, and many of those I have enjoyed, but I still like to eat and drink a lot of the same things that I was eating when this all began back in 2012. Most of the changes brought about in pursuit of the above aim have come on the exercise side of the equation.

But I now wonder whether I can ever exercise enough to balance the books, and do I even really, truly understood the equation. What is the food and drink that I am consuming doing to me? What actually goes into the things I eat? Do the things we eat have a wider impact on the world, the environment, the economy? After spending last year focussing on the geographic origin of my food, through the Devon A-Z challenge, I realised that locavorism is just one of many, many factors that feeds into this complex and unwieldy equation.

Whilst it is still really important, it is not enough to focus on the exercise that I am doing; I have to also think about “all of the good things” that I am eating and drinking, whether they come from just down the road, or from the other side of the world.

I am, like you, an ordinary consumer. We may earn different amounts, shop in different supermarkets, maybe even in different countries, and we may take different approaches to choosing what to eat. But most of us are not experts in nutrition, biology, food processing techniques, chemistry, sociology or any of the other sciences that, ultimately, govern what effect the food we eat has on us and the wider world. We are ordinary people, with access to a bewildering amount of information about food. So why do we still feel so confused? Why is it that I am not even sure about the correct questions to ask, let alone the answers to those questions?

So, I also want to try to understand how easy it is to get to the truth about food and drink. Or, in all likelihood, how difficult it is. Really, that is where the challenge lies.


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